Created by 2 individuals with the passion for great haircuts and excellent barista-made coffee.


Nicklots’ passion for hair-cutting started when she was 13. Her first haircut was done in the middle of Summer, cutting a friend’s hair at home in the bathroom. It was three hours of meticulous snipping and never ending perspiration, but she enjoyed it. She then built up her clientele by giving haircuts to friends from school, and after high school, she signed up for a hairdressing course. Since then, Nicklots has never looked back and has been snipping for more than 10 years. In recent years, she realised her passion for men’s haircuts, and that is what drove her dream to start a barber shop.


Tarn’s love for making coffee started when she settled into the Melbourne coffee culture. Having worked in the customer service industry for more than 10 years, she has been actively involved in hospitality and coffee making for the last 5 years. Her love for drinking coffee made her able to understand how important it is to start a new day with a good coffee. Since then, that has become her passion: to make a good cup of coffee with love everyday in order to make people happy drinking it.


Nicklots and Tarn decided to combine their passions and that was how “Barberesso” was born.


The team at Barberesso understands everyone leads busy lives, and we are offering the traditional barber shop concept but with a twist. Both appointments and walk-ins are welcome, all haircuts are finished with razor neckline shaves for the FRESH look, and ‘air-washed’ to make sure you can get on with the rest of the day with ease. To top things off for convenience, our in-house baristas are able to serve up fresh coffee, sourced from the finest grade Arabica beans, which await you before, during or after your haircut!


Barberesso aims at delivering fresh haircuts and coffee with a passion under one roof. Your satisfaction, is our motivation.


The term ‘air-washing’ originated from a chain of barber shops in Japan and is also commonly used in barber shops around U.S.A. It utilises a soft vacuum to clean up loose hair after a haircut so that each client is able to carry on their day with comfort.